Robyn Purcell

P&R Geological Consultants Pty Ltd

Robyn graduated BSc from the University of Sydney in 1967. She worked as a palynologist for WAPET (1967–69), and as a research geologist for Consolidated Goldfields and Continental Oil Company (1969–70). In 1970 she moved to the USA and worked in Conoco’s Research Department (1971–73), specializing in Southeast Asian Tertiary palynology. From 1973–74, she worked as a geologist for Whitestone Petroleum in Ethiopia before retiring for family reasons.

Back in Australia in 1980, she formed P&R Geological Consultants Pty Ltd with husband Peter and has worked since as a palynologist specializing in the Triassic and Paleozoic sequences.

Robyn has published papers on the geology of Western Australia and co-edited several volumes on the petroleum geology of Australia. She is a member of AASP, AAPG and PESA.

In 2010, Robyn was awarded the APPEA Lewis G. Weeks Medal for her contribution to the art and science of petroleum exploration in Australia.

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