North West Shelf Petroleum Geology Course

P&R, in collaboration with well-known geologist Ian Longley, introduced a 3-day course on the Petroleum Geology of the North West Shelf, Australia in May 2018. The course, which was over a year in the making, uses over 1200 slides to explain the geology of Australia’s more petroliferous basin province and the world’s leading LNG producer. The main oil and gas discoveries are discussed chronologically to show the development of the main plays in the basins and the future potential. The next course is scheduled for Perth in September 2019. More information on the course is available here and on the PGNWS website (

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“Epic piece of work pulling all this together and sharing it with industry. A lot of years of experience pulled together into one course. Young ones came back to office today gushing with enthusiasm, which is very much what it is all about.” Jeff Goodall, Carnarvon Petroleum

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Testing Barrow-1, 1964 - Image from Murray Johnstone Collection, WA State Library

Testing Roc-2, 2017 - Image from Carnarvon Petroleum Website.