North West Shelf Petroleum Geology Course


The objectives of the course are to provide attendees with an understanding of

  • the tectonic, physiographic, social and environmental setting of the NWS
  • the regional structural framework and tectonic development
  • the marine jurisdiction and legislation, and the permitting/award/work program systems
  • the history of exploration
  • the development of the stratigraphic concepts and nomenclature
  • the phases of exploration and the interplay with developing technologies
  • the main discoveries and plays

Costs and Deliverables

Course costs are currently A$2500/person, with a 10% discount for PESA members, and a 20% discount for companies sending 5 or more people.

A set of PDFs with all slides used in the course is provided at the start of the course. There are no course notes provided. A digital copy of the reference list compiled by the presenters is provided.